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Zereshk (special dried grape)

Zereshk (special dried grape)

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The most notable among the benefits of Zereşkin is its antioxidant property.

It is known to be good for the liver. When used together with various spices, it has a lightening effect on meals

has a sour taste, we can say that it is like blueberry with reduced sweetness and increased astringency. In addition, like other berry fruits, zereskin has the feature of condensing the liquid in which it enters while it is warming. For this reason, Europeans traditionally use zereşki in their jam recipes. There are recipes in which juice is also made. Iranians, on the other hand, use zereşki not in jam, but in meals. Especially pilafs and meat pilaf recipes gain a completely different taste with zereşk. It also goes well with bulgur pilaf. The acidic flavor of the fruit adds a refreshing, eye-catching touch to dishes. It gives a bitter taste to chicken dishes. It goes well with meat. With its taste and texture similar to currants, it is also very suitable for stuffed olives. It also goes very well with saffron, another remarkable flavor of Iranian cuisine. Before using Zereşki for hot dishes, it is necessary to wait for a while in warm heat.

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