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Tahmis Flavored Turkish Coffee 250 gr

Tahmis Flavored Turkish Coffee 250 gr

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Tahmis Coffee’s traditional Turkish Coffee is made by carefully roasting 100% arabica and top quality coffee beans, among the coffees in the world, with traditional and local methods. its available with 4 main flavors (you can choose one of them ) : Mastic , Strawberry , cardamom and Orange & Chocolate.

Preparation : Add a cup of water to your coffee pot . Add a teaspoon of the Tahmis Coffee to your coffee pot . Add the desired amount of sugar to your coffee pot and leave the coffee pot on the low fire . Stir coffee gently. When the coffee starts to froth, divide the foam equally into each cup . After the Tahmis coffee remaining in the pot boils one more, share it in the cups . Your highly foamed Tahmis Turkish Coffee is ready.

Delivery :  3 to 5 work days Express shipping to your doorstep . we ship through our partners DHL , FEDEX , ARAMEX . after submitting your order in our site we process and pack your order safely in 1 – 3 work days .

Payments : we accept all credit cards (VISA , MASTERCARDS , AMEX …) and Paypal .

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