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Raw Shelled Hazelnuts

Raw Shelled Hazelnuts

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From the field to your home, raw hazelnuts in their pure and natural flavor shell.

Most of the hazelnuts in the world are from Turkey, especially in the Black Sea region. Our lands, where the highest quality and delicious hazelnuts we make , people use it in the chocolates and sweets in all over the world.

its crunchy texture is softer when raw and gives a fruity taste, is very delicious even when eaten alone. Hazelnut kernels, which you can eat by handfuls in one sitting and can be addictive, have therefore become the favorite nuts of many people.

The taste of hazelnut is in perfect harmony with chocolate and cocoa. Big and high quality chocolate brands definitely include a hazelnut chocolate product. Hazelnut kernels you can use for flavor and texture in chocolate cakes.

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