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Raw Pumpkin Seeds (Unroasted and Unsalted)

Raw Pumpkin Seeds (Unroasted and Unsalted)

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From the field to your home, immaculate and natural inner pumpkin seeds.

It is now possible to find roasted, shelled or peeled pumpkin seeds in dozens of different flavors.

there are many delicious recipes where you can use this special flavor. First of all, you can use pumpkin seeds, as well as during the day, to suppress the seizures of intermediate meals or sudden suppression of hunger. Easy to eat , these nuts good to store in locked plastic bags and plastic storage containers. You can keep it at work, at home, in your office and in your bag.

breakfast Pumpkin seeds is an ideal food to consume for breakfast. You can use it almost any way. If you make oatmeal, it can be a much more affordable and delicious alternative to walnuts or nuts to add crunch to it.
Pumpkin seeds, including the pancakes and small cakes you have prepared, will be a flavor-enhancing material.

Indispensable complement of salads You know that nuts such as walnuts and almonds you can add to salads. So, are you looking for a little difference So pumpkin seeds can be a great choice. If you are looking for a more intense taste, you can roast the pumpkin seeds in the pan for a few minutes in advance, once cooled and mixed into your salad.

Add to your smoothies Pumpkin seeds contain plenty of fiber, so they can be used to turn your smoothies into a more satisfying and delicious drink. Thanks to its oily structure, it will be easily crushed in your blender.

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