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Nuts’All Peanut Butter With Carob 280 gr.

Nuts’All Peanut Butter With Carob 280 gr.

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Nuts’all Carob Peanut Butter, which is at the top of the nutrition lists for those who exercise regularly,

Nuts’All Peanut Butter With Carob 280 gr. : Nuts’all Carob Peanut Butter brings the most natural form of peanuts,

which are a source of fiber and protein, to your table without losing their nutritional value. Our products,

which you can consume for every meal, especially for breakfast, do not contain palm oil, thickeners, preservatives, added sugar or sweeteners in any way.

is a complete protein store. In addition to containing 27 grams of protein per 100 grams, it is a powerful supplemental food source that helps athletes

increase and repair muscle mass, thanks to its amino acid and high fiber content. Peanut butter, which is a rich source of protein and fat,

is also a healthy energy source.

Thanks to its modern and useful glass jars; It will accompany you and your children at all your meals, before and after sports, at the office/workplace,

at school. In addition to being rich in nutritional value, the body needs, It also contains unsaturated healthy fats that are especially good for the heart.

Thanks to its rich fiber content, it suppresses the feeling of hunger and keeps you full for a long time and helps you reach your weight loss goal.

Thanks to its gluten-free content, it is very easy to digest. In addition to not containing animal products / components, it is used as a part of vegan

and ketogenic diets with its nutritious structure. It will be the leading actor of many healthy products that you will make in your kitchen

with its taste that will appeal to your taste. By adding peanut butter to breakfast oatmeal, smoothies, protein shakes, cookie recipes, energy bars or protein balls,

you can create new flavors that will appeal to your palate.

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