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Nuri Toplar Kuru Kahveci

Nuri Toplar Turkish Coffee 250 gr.

Nuri Toplar Turkish Coffee 250 gr.

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Turkish Coffee is with you every moment with its natural aroma and its enriching taste. We present the unique smell and taste of Turkish Coffee to your liking.

Turkish Coffee Roasted in Wood Fire . Nuri Toplar Turkish coffee is produced by cooking carefully grown coffee beans over wood fire. Try the different taste of Nuri Toplar coffee roasted in wood fire .

Preparation :
(65 ml water, 5-6 gr coffee) Measure the drinking water with a cup and put it in the coffee pot. Two teaspoons of coffee for each cup, add sugar according to your desire and mix the sugar thoroughly. After a while, divide the foam into the cups. Cook one more time and pour into cups.

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