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Nuri Toplar Ottoman Coffee 250 gr.

Nuri Toplar Ottoman Coffee 250 gr.

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ottoman coffee has an important place in the Ottoman palaces and Ottoman culture and it was a gift to the whole world, Ottoman coffee, which is prepared with various mixtures for the Ottoman sultans and sultans, contains useful products from each other.
Here are those magnificent products that Ottoman coffee contains.
The insatiable experience of the harmony of 7 different flavors.
1-Yemenian coffee: 
It is one of the best quality coffees in the world.
It contains vitamins A, B and E and plenty of potassium, calcium and phosphorus.
5-Gum Drops: 
The gum obtained from the trees carefully protected in the Greek island of Chios is exported almost all over the world.
6- Menengiç 
Among the benefits of meningi, it is necessary to mention its anti-inflammatory effect.
its great to relieve stomach ailments.
It softens the chest, is useful in cough and bronchitis , relieves constipation , useful in hemorrhoids , Increases mental working power , strengthens the heart , ensures regular menstrual bleeding , helps to reduce intestinal worms and increases sexual power
How to use : 

Preparation of Nuri Toplar ottoman Coffee: (65 ml of water, 5-6 g of coffee) Measure the drinking water with a cup and put it in the coffee pot. Two teaspoons of coffee for each cup, add sugar according to your desire. Add sugar (two spoons for medium) Coffee on low heat and Mix the sugar well.  Cook the remaining coffee one more time and pour it into the cups.


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