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MOM’S Blueberry Granola 360 gr.

MOM’S Blueberry Granola 360 gr.

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MOM’S Blueberry Granola 360 gr. : WHAT’S INSIDE?
Apple Juice + Oatmeal + Dried Blueberry (Blueberry) + Coconut + Hazelnut + Wheat Germ + Oat Bran + Almond + Walnut, Sunflower Seed + Pumpkin Seeds + Flaxseed + Currants + Cinnamon

Recognized as one of the most beautiful flavors of Turkish palate.
Product Special Information: Oil separation on the product is natural. Mix before consuming. Store in a cool and dry place. It naturally contains sugar. It has been produced in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex.

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