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Luxury Mixed Nuts – (roasted & salty)

Luxury Mixed Nuts – (roasted & salty)

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The irresistible taste of Hazelnut, Pistachio, Salted Pistachio, Extra Crispy Chickpeas and Almond.

Among the mixed nuts, pistachios come first among the nuts that children and adults finish first. For some it is the most delicious. Some are hazelnuts, almost competing with squirrels. And salty peanuts are so good that they blend into the palate and mixed nuts, but make you snack all the time. Whoever wants, peels the skin and eats it with the skin. Almond is a delicious cookie that tastes just like its name. Sometimes in the lead role, sometimes the best teammate on the cookie plates. It blends in with every cookie, it goes very well anywhere. There are many varieties of chickpeas, but the crispy chickpea has a special place.

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