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Kuru Yeşil

Kuru Yesil Organic Broccoli Powder 100 gr.

Kuru Yesil Organic Broccoli Powder 100 gr.

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Broccoli Powder, Fresh broccoli, which we have carefully collected from our contracted farmers, are completely dried without any additives and turned into powder.

Fresh Broccoli contains about 90% water. Approximately 11kg of fresh Broccoli 1 kg of Broccoli Powder is obtained.With Broccoli Powder, you can make a delicious Broccoli Soup.If you want, you can mix the broccoli powder with yoghurt and take the vitamin or you can mix them with bakery products and make them more vitamin.Consumption of Broccoli Powder helps you recover the minerals you lost after sports.

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