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Koz Walnut Grape Pestil 250 gr

Koz Walnut Grape Pestil 250 gr

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Pestil, the Product of Completely Natural Formation, Those Delicious Grapes Are Picked, They Are Prepared Grains And Boiled. Try the sweetness of the Walnut Grape Pestil.

A mixture of flour and milk is added to the grape must obtained from the collected grapes and boiled. It is left to cool, then honey is added to it and a mixture called “herle” is obtained. After adding locally grown Walnuts pieces to the mixture, it is spread on cloths and dried in the sun.

Molasses made from grape molasses contains high levels of iron minerals and is consumed with pleasure when combined with walnuts. Thanks to its blood-forming properties, it turns into an ideal food for those suffering from anemia.

It is a complete energy store.

There is no Glucose and Food Gelatin in our products.

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