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Antep Pistachio Amulet Pestil 250 gr

Antep Pistachio Amulet Pestil 250 gr

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Pestil, the Product of Completely Natural Formation, Those Delicious Grapes Are Picked, They Are Prepared Grains And Boiled. Try the sweetness of the Special Green Pistachio Amulet Pestil

Also known as Pistachio Amulet Pestil.

In Anatolia, the dried form of molasses product known as Bastik is wrapped as an amulet and filled with Pistachio. Bastik is obtained from the mixture of grape syrup, which has not yet turned into molasses, with starch.

Pistachio is added to the soft pulp that opens like paper, and it is folded and becomes an amulet.

There is no Glucose in our products, Sugar Beet is used.

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