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KOSKA Tahini 300 gr.

KOSKA Tahini 300 gr.

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Some of the “grain that” it was also named as SESAME , produced by some process of passing the crushed sesame plant is a mild flavor and a smooth consistency produced by dark sesame arrival of the raw material.

KOSKA Tahini 300 gr. : We Produce it by washing and roasting the sesame seeds obtained after

collecting the good quality sesame seeds and separating them from their shells. We Leave the Roasted sesame seeds

to cool for a while, then we carefully crushed and turned into tahini.
Since its raw material, sesame, is a strong source of calcium, tahini is also a calcium-rich food. For this reason, it is very important for bone and muscle development. In this way, vegan and vegetarian individuals who do not consume animal foods can meet their calcium needs by consuming tahini.
Tahini, which is a very rich food in terms of zinc, vitamin C, iron and selenium, helps to protect your body against diseases by increasing your body resistance especially in winter.

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