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Korakis Mastic Paste (2 sizes Available)

Korakis Mastic Paste (2 sizes Available)

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Mastic Gum Paste – available in 2 sizes 300 gr and 600 gr :

Ingredients: Sugar 55%, Glucose Syrup (Contains Sulfur Dioxide.) Water, Gum Oil 0.03

Mastic gum paste helps the body to renew itself by cleaning the lungs deeply.

The mastic gum paste clears the plaques and blockage accumulated in the vessels, making the body more resistant to cardiovascular diseases.

It helps people with upper respiratory tract diseases, such as asthma, to soften the bronchi and chest area.

Mastic gum paste also contributes to the whitening of teeth.

Mastic gum paste also has the feature of destroying microbes.

its good for stomach ailments. digestive system and it has a digestive regulating effect.

Gum drop has antiseptic properties. For this reason, it is seen that mastic gum is used in the production of many drugs.

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