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Honey Pistachio (With Sesame)

Honey Pistachio (With Sesame)

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A delicious snack made by combining special peanuts covered by honey and sesame.

A delicious snack made by combining honey and sesame.

sweet snacks full of benifits for health and body.

honey pistachio will be just the nut for you. Roasted peanuts with honey and sesame combine the natural, slightly salty taste of peanuts with the sugar of honey to create a delicious taste.

Honey peanuts have an intense flavor .  The sesame coating on the outside prevents the sugary taste from being too intense, you can eat it in packs without fainting.

Honey Peanut Cookies
You can make Delicious peanut cookies with the addition of light honey and sesame seeds.

To make this cookie, roughly chop the honeyed peanuts. After whisking 240 grams of butter and a glass of sugar,

add an egg and a glass of flour and baking powder. After mixing, you can add the chopped honey peanuts and mix again.

Cookie dough needs to sit in the refrigerator. Preferably for 24 hours,  spread the dough,

which has been in the refrigerator for a few hours, on the tray in walnut-sized pieces. Bake in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for 15 minutes.

It will be a delicious cookie with crunchy honey pistachio pieces in which the taste of sesame is slightly felt.

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