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Golden Sauce Corn

Golden Sauce Corn

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A completely different flavor, roasted in barbecue sauce, corn with sauce.

The only downside to roasted corn may be that it tastes a bit plain.

If you like more intense and spicy flavors in your cookies, our luxurious golden gravy corn is for the likes of you.

Our barbecue sauce, created from a combination of dried tomatoes, jalapeno peppers,

onion and garlic powders and many more different spices, was generously added while the corn was roasted.

Our luxurious golden sauce corn with the smell and taste of smoked barbecue sauce is

ideal for you if you are looking for a snack they want to accompany with cold drinks, especially in hot weather.

Thanks to its spicy and salty taste, once you start eating these delicious corns that you will never stop will be one of the indispensables of your home.

Corn with BBQ sauce has a delicious flavor and an insatiable crunch when fresh. You can eat roasted corn with sauce any way you can think of. 

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