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Eğriçayır Organic Pollen 300 gr

Eğriçayır Organic Pollen 300 gr

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Contents: Organic Pollen After the age of 1, children and adults can consume 1 teaspoon of pollen per day. It is also consumed with desserts, drinks or yoghurt. Perhaps the creatures that flowers need most in nature are bees. The flower sweetly leaves its nectar and the bee comes. An important feature of bees is that whatever type of flower they land on first in the morning, they land on the same flower throughout the day. In this way, the flower is fertilized with pollen from flowers of the same species. While the bee collects nectar, it carries this pollen from flower to flower without realizing it and fertilizes the flowers. In this process, when the bee carrying the nectar to the hive enters the hive, we collect the pollen that is more than it needs, through the apparatus in the hive. The bee also collects pollen for itself and uses this protein source for itself and its offspring. Their offspring are fed with this pollen and become stronger because it contains protein. Pollen is the reproductive cell of plants and the only protein source of bees. Since proteins are the building blocks of living things, a bee colony cannot survive without pollen. It is also very rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. Its structure contains vitamins B, C, D, E, beta carotene, calcium, magnesium, selenium, nucleic acid, lectin and cysteine. It was produced using organic beekeeping method in the Mersin Taurus Mountains between April and June and was packaged in our own facility.

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