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Double Roasted Yellow Chickpeas

Double Roasted Yellow Chickpeas

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Double roasted speckled roasted chickpeas that we flavored slowly.

Yellow roasted chickpeas form the basis of mixed nut dishes, making mixed nuts satisfying. It is a simple and delicious . Yellow chickpeas have also been the most practical savior of those who feel hungry between meals.

There is only one main ingredient required for yellow chickpeas, which is chickpeas. But this does not mean that roasted chickpeas can be made at home. In order for chickpeas to be roasted chickpeas, they must be roasted in special ovens.

First of all, it is preferred that the chickpeas to be made into chickpeas are of the highest quality and of good quality. Although making chickpeas is simple, it takes a long time.

First of all, the chickpeas are sorted and cleaned. Then they are roasted in special wood-fired ovens. It is very important to have wood fire, this is a stage that will affect the texture as well as the taste of the yellow chickpea. In these ovens, chickpeas are specially dried. Dried chickpeas are taken into sacks and kept waiting. The waiting time is about three days.

After the waiting period, the chickpeas are once again taken to the ovens and dried. Then they are laid on the ground and this time they are kept for 20 days. During this time, they gain a little moisture. After this waiting period, the chickpeas are finally roasted in the oven again. Dark freckles appear on the chickpeas that turn yellow and the yellow chickpeas we know are formed.

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