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BeeO Propolis + Royal Jelly + Raw Honey 190 gr

BeeO Propolis + Royal Jelly + Raw Honey 190 gr

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The food source of the queen is now at hand! Since BEE’O Royal Jelly is produced in the hive, it reaches the consumer via cold chain without any pre-treatment. Royal jelly can be consumed on an empty stomach, a quarter – half teaspoon a day for children, half – 1 teaspoon for adults.

BeeO Propolis + Royal Jelly + Raw Honey 190 gr : Propolis, which consists of the words “Pro (Front) + Police (protector)”,

is the pre-cleaner of the hive, which is the living space of the bees. Bees cover their honeycomb eyes with propolis,

It is a natural bee product consisting of phenolic and flavonoid substances

collected from the leaves, stems and buds of plants.Propolis is like the right arm of the bee in the hive…

Royal jelly is the lifeblood of the baby bees and the source of life for the queen bees… The baby bee fed with royal jelly grows in a short time.

The queen bee, who is fed completely with royal jelly throughout her life, reaches twice the size of the worker bees and lives with a yield of thousands of eggs every day.

While the worker bee has an average lifespan of 45 days, the reason why the queen lives an average of 5 to 7 years is royal jelly, which is also the only food source.

The nutritional properties of halal certified BEE’O Propolis Royal Jelly Raw Honey Mixture and raw honey, royal jelly and Pure Anatolian Propolis are together in a consistency that can be consumed easily!

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