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BeeO Pollen 150 gr.

BeeO Pollen 150 gr.

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Pollen is the reproductive cells found in the heads of plants’ reproductive organs. It can be consumed 1-2 teaspoons per day by children and 2-4 teaspoons per day by adults, by chewing it directly or by mixing it with water, milk, fruit juice or yogurt.

BeeO Pollen 150 gr. : Pollen is the reproductive cells in the heads of the reproductive organs of plants.

Pollen, which is important as a source of protein in the nutrition of bees, is a valuable nutrient due to the oils,

carbohydrates, fibers, minerals, amino acids, polyphenols, phenolic and flavonoid compounds and vitamins in its composition.

Pollen; It is a structurally very rich substance and contains vitamins (Niacin (B3), Pyridoxine (B6), Thiamine (B1),

Riboflavin (B2), Pantothenic acid (B5), Folic acid, Biotin ( H) ), Tocopherol (E), Ascorbic acid (C), Beta carotene) mineral substances (Potassium (K),

Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Zinc (Zn), Iron (Fe), Copper (Cu) There are many biologically active substances such as Manganese (Mn), Phosphorus (P),

phenolic and flavonoids, polyphenols, amino acids, fatty acids and organic acids.

It does not contain additives, preservatives, dyes, alcohol, glycol, gluten, GMO, added sugar or added oil.
Consumption Suggestion: 1-2 teaspoons a day by children, 2-4 teaspoons a day by adults . You can consume halal certified BEE’O Pollen directly by chewing or mixing it with water, milk, fruit juice or yogurt.

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