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Arifoglu Organic Carob (Harnup) Molasses 500gr.

Arifoglu Organic Carob (Harnup) Molasses 500gr.

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Sweet fruit preserves such as jams,  are often eaten at breakfast on bread or as an ingredient of a pastry or dessert, nothing beats slathering your morning toast with a layer of tasty jam. Jam consists of fruit that has crushed or chopped and cooked with sugar. Try the sweetness of the Organic Goat Gum Molasses now

Arifoglu Organic Carob (Harnup) Molasses 500gr. : The benefits of locust bean molasses are wide-ranging. Harnup Molasses is good for many diseases. It is also known as carob molasses among the people. It is as healthy as the direct consumption of goat horn, maybe even more. Here are the benefits of carob molasses…

1. It Has Antioxidant Feature
2. It is an expectorant
3. Regulates the Digestive System
4. Helps Gain Weight
5. Gives Energy
6. Contributes to Bone Development
7. Strengthens the Immune System

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