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summer abaya

summer abaya

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- It is a loose-fitting, original and different model with elasticated sleeves, pockets, worn from the beginning, and a button on the back collar.

-It looks like a skirt suit, but it is a one-piece pleated piece at the waist, a legendary piece that you cannot find anywhere else.

- 4 color options available. Black, bitter coffee, gray, dark green ,dark blue ,beige

-Fabric: Crepe (Does not cause sweat, does not shrink, does not wrinkle, does not require ironing.)

-We recommend that you order by checking the dimensions in the descriptions.

-It is size 1 on the mannequin.

*Please order by comparing the product measurements with your own body measurements.*



Height Size 1: 142 cm Size 2: 142 cm Size 3: 143 cm
Sleeve Length  size 1: 72 cm  wrist: 18 size 2:  74 cm  wrist: 20   size 3: 81 cm  wrist: 24
Chest size 1: 100 cm  size 2: 110 cm  size 3: 126 cm

Fabric Crepe 

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