حلاوة طحينية بالكاكاو 360 جرام Okyay

حلاوة طحينية بالكاكاو 360 جرام Okyay

السعر العادي $11.00 USD
السعر العادي $15.75 USD السعر المخفض $11.00 USD
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Tasty Turkish Tahin Helva with Cacao. Natural product, dont cantain Glucose or any preservatives substances,

Okyay cacao Halva. With its 360 gram package, you can serve it to everyone or keep it for yourself and enjoy it again and again.
Does Not Contain Glucose Syrup.
It Does Not Contain Preservatives And Oil Retaining Agents.
It is Paddle Halva, which is produced entirely by traditional methods.
Tahini , Sugar , cacao
Made of 100% Sesame.

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