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Stamp Coat

Stamp Coat

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-It is a loose-cut, raglan sleeve model with snap fasteners. Its arms are balloon arms. Our product has a pocket.

-It is a comfortable model suitable for daily use.

-one. Quality stamp fabric is used.

-There are 1-2 size options. We recommend that you choose the size that fits your own measurements.

1 size for sizes 36-38

Size 2 fits sizes 40-42

-The size 2 on the model measures 136 cm. If you wish, you can adjust the length according to your own measurements.

-We recommend dry cleaning.


Height Size 1: 145 cm Size 2: 145 cm
Sleeve Length 1 size: 70 cm 2 size: 74 cm
Chest 1 size: 104 cm 2 size: 112 cm
Hip size 1: 120 cm (measured from the end of the pocket) Size 2: 128 cm

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