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Roasted Peanuts in Shell

Roasted Peanuts in Shell

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Roasted peanuts, which we flavor slowly, hidden in their shell.

Unlike nuts that grow on trees such as walnuts and almonds, peanuts are actually a plant belonging to the legume family. As the name suggests, it grows in the ground. But it is much closer in taste to pistachio varieties, so it was named pistachio. Pistachio is a nut that doubles the pleasure, especially when it is raw and in shell. Breaking open the shells is part of the peanut eating routine. Some places specifically ask their customers to throw the peanut shells on the ground, so that a pool of peanut shells forms on the ground.

Peanut, which is a legume, differs from other plants in that it produces its fruits under the ground. in its composition
It contains an average of 25% protein, 46% fat, 16% carbohydrates and 5% mineral substances. In every 100 grams; It has 660 kcal Energy, 30 grams of protein, 57 grams of Total Fat (46 grams of which is unsaturated fat), and 0 (ZERO) cholesterol.

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