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Maacun Epimedium Turkish Honey Mix Turkish Paste 230 gr.

Maacun Epimedium Turkish Honey Mix Turkish Paste 230 gr.

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This product will be effective in your body for 48 hours. It is suitable for use in daily sexual situations and can also be used to treat your sexual problems.

Both men and women can use Efsane Epimedium. The strength pastes created with the components it contains should be used as much as a teaspoon once a day. It is recommended to use on a full stomach. So we recommend the use of the so-called extent.Efsane Epimedium has a treatment effect as well. You can use it daily. One dessert spoon in every morning. Mesir paste with Epimedium is natural food. Just reduce the dosage of paste. So you can find effective and suitable dosage for yourself. If you want to use for a special moment, please use it 1 dessert spoon 2 hours ago before action.Legal Notice:If you have any health issues related to blood pressure, high tension or any other heart-related problems, please do not buy this item. It is the buyer?s responsibility to use this item and anyone who buys this item will be deemed to have accepted these conditions.

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