Sand Coffee Machine

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After pouring the specially produced sand into the Coffee Machine, you can start the machine, wait 10-15 seconds, put your coffee pot on the sand and start preparing your coffee.??


Traveling from Yemen to Istanbul, coffee is highly regarded in the Ottoman Empire. In a short time, even a rank called “kahveciba??” was commissioned in the palace. It was among the rumors that there were people who became the head of the coffee shop in the Ottoman Empire and became the grand vizier. ??
Coffee was recognized as a magical drink in the eyes of Paris aristocrats through Hossohbet N?ktedan S?leyman A?a, the Paris Ambassador of the Ottoman Empire, and it became a privilege to be a guest at the mansion of S?leyman A?a, who equipped his magnificent coffee presentation with great stories. ??
Here, we have brought together the magnificence of the palace and the presentation of S?leyman A?a in the coffee cups we offer. Thanks to the material used in the envelope of the hand made copper machine, it does not darken. ??

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Sand Coffee Machine

3,826.075,739.11 (-33%)

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