Prozinc Salicade Shampoo

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All the hair types with dandruff, scurf and that have itching or flaking problem. Salicade Shampoo is effective against bacteria due to Huile de Cade inside it.??”

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The specific and strong fragrance of Salicade Shampoo is the natural fragrance of Huile de Cade in its formulation.About the IngredientHuile de Cade (Cade Oil) in its ingredient balances the sebum secretion and prevents bacteria propagation.The medically valuable tar is a wood tar. Salicylic Acid prevents dandruff and eliminates scurf formation.Ichthammol is keratolytic, sebum balancing, effective against bacteria, and prevents dandruff.How to use it?Unless otherwise stated by your doctor or pharmacist; it is recommended to use Salicade Shampoo at most 2 days in a week. It is not recommended to use it in sequential days. It is not recommended to use another shampoo on the days you use Salicade Shampoo because it may reduce the effect of Salicade Shampoo. It is recommended to use regularly.

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Prozinc Salicade Shampoo

301.27335.70 (-10%)

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