Kafkas Candied Chestnut Walnut

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The Best Candied Chestnut Walnut Taste Ever From Kafkas ???? May contain trace amounts of peanuts, nuts, gluten, eggs, milk, sesame and sulfur dioxide.

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Turkish delight is one of the famous flavors of Turkish sweets, additionally its associate important motif culturally. Delight may be ingested on feast following Ramadan, special days, ceremonies, or with Turkish coffee. ?????? Delight or ?Rahat-ul hulkum ?can be made by adding honey, fruit sweetening, and flour erst. After that, starch and sweetener entered in cuisines, and therefore the style of enjoyment will modify. ?????? Turkish delight is created by compounding sugar, starch, colouring and flavor. This process needs place and talent. ???????????? Nutritive price of candy Nutritive benefits changes per ingredient that is employed in making delight. – It prevents redness – Carbohydrate in it, is so helpful for nephropathy – It provides healing of wound or – It protects and strengthens teeth

Turkish Delight with Mastic Gum, produced using 100% natural gum aroma, is the indispensable dessert of Ottoman cuisine and continues to be the indispensable dessert of today with its different ingredients and flavors. Turkish Delights, with its rich content, quality product, taste difference and many other features, always continue to be sweet with your coffee.
Our Turkish delights will add flavor to family visits, taste in coffee treats, taste in compassion, and a difference to your treats

Freshness, quality and taste have always been our priority.


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Kafkas Candied Chestnut Walnut

256.37310.30 (-17%)

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