Chado Silver Needle White Tea 50 Gr.

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Silver Needle offers a very unique tea experience with its mild sweetish aroma, citrus flavors that come from behind and slowly disappear. The Silver Needle, which also has a refreshing effect, is also ideal for the summer months. ? ?

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Silver Needle is the most special variety of white tea , named after the silvery needle-like hairs of the unopened shoots in the tea fields .This white tea, whose homeland is China, is only obtained by carefully hand picking the newly sprouted buds at the top. The buds are dried with direct sunlight to prevent them from undergoing fermentation.? ?
The secret of Yin Zhen Silver Needle type white tea is that the approximately 10,000 unopened leaf buds are individually hand-selected and processed to produce a kilo of tea. The bud leaves are dried in a shady, well-ventilated area to a humidity of about 10% to 20%. Then the buds are subjected to a second drying process at 40 ? C in the basket. This gourmet white tea owes its name to the silvery, silky hairy buds that surround it. Yin Zhen Silver Needle is known as top quality white tea. This tea is almost colorless when brewed. ? ?
Tea lovers who are accustomed to the dominant taste of black tea find the taste of white tea very mild, but after a few sips, the delicate taste and aromas of white tea begin to draw attention.White tea is harvested by experienced people in dry and cool weather conditions for excellent flavor.

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Chado Silver Needle White Tea 50 Gr.

989.151,212.44 (-18%)

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