Chado Pai Mu Tan Rose Petals

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Pai Mu Tan Rose Petals offers a rich experience to tea lovers with its refreshing feature, taste that does not require any sweetener, strongly felt fruity aroma and relaxing effect from rose petals.? ?

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How to brew white tea:While brewing white tea, paying particular attention to some issues makes a big difference in taste.? ?
The first of these is the temperature of the water to be used while brewing. White tea is brewed with slightly less hot water than other teas. Brewing white tea with 100 degrees boiling water will cause some delicate flavors to disappear. Therefore, it is recommended to brew with approximately 80 degrees water for 4 minutes on average.? ?
Besides, the quality of the water used is very important. We recommend using drinking water instead of tap water that contains chlorine and similar substances. Since the amount of dissolved oxygen in boiled water decreases over and over, the taste you will get from the tea will decrease. Therefore, using fresh drinking water that has not been boiled before will increase the taste of white tea even more.

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