Chado Matcha Tea 50 gr.

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Natural Matcha Tea is teas that do not contain any herbs or additives except Matcha tea. Tea Matcha, drunk at traditional Japanese Tea Ceremonies, is made from tea tree leaves grown in the shade. This Matcha Tea is made from green teas grown and processed in Japan, without any additives.☕ ☕

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How To Prepare Matcha TeaMatcha tea, which is mostly used in Japanese tea ceremonies, is prepared differently than other teas. Matcha tea is used in many desserts besides traditional tea ceremonies.☕ ☕
Heat the bowl in which you will mix Matcha by pouring boiling water. Wet the mixer used for mixing (ie the bamboo whisk or ” chasen ” as it is called in the tea ceremony ).(1-2 grams) Matcham the bowl (the name of the Japanese ceremony ” Chawan ” sheep and on the Add 1 cup of hot water.☕ ☕
The bowl with one hand with tight while the other is “bamboo whisk” Using try to build from left to right while stirring foams. ☕ ☕
After stirring enough matcha Pour the tea into your cup.

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Chado Matcha Tea 50 gr.

188.70235.00 (-20%)

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