Chado Matcha (Koicha) 50 gr.

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Matcha teas are obtained by powdering top quality Gyokuro type Japanese teas with special processes. The pulverization process is of great importance, when it is done at high speed, there is warming and regional burning in the tea leaves. ? ?



How to prepare nail scissors:? ?
Matcha tea, which is mostly used in Japanese tea ceremonies, is prepared differently than other teas. Matcha tea is used in many desserts besides traditional tea ceremonies.? ?
Heat the bowl in which you will mix Matcha by pouring boiling water.? ?
Wet the blender used for mixing (ie bamboo whisk or “chasen” as it is called in the tea ceremony).? ?
Put (1-2 grams) of matcha in the bowl and add 1 cup of hot water.? ?
Try to create foams while holding the bowl tight with one hand and mixing with the other using a “bamboo whisk” from left to right.? ?
After mixing enough, pour the matcha tea into your cup.

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