Chado Bamboo Whisk (Chasen)

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Bamboo Whisk is used to mix green Matcha tea, which has a very special place in Japanese tea ceremonies . Bamboo Whisk is known as Chasen in Japanese .? ?

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A bamboo whisk is the best way to prepare it traditionally, such as in Japan, Mathca’s homeland. The most important feature of the Bamboo Whisk is that it performs the whisking process with many tips it has and ensures that the very fine matcha powders mix well in hot water. ? ?
Keep in mind that matcha is not a water-soluble ingredient. In addition, because it is in the form of very fine powder, it clumps when it does not mix well, and this affects the drinking experience negatively both in terms of appearance and taste. ? ?
If you don’t have a whisk or don’t want to bear such a cost at first, you can also use a good electric hand mixer or similar mixer. ? ?
Since Matcha contains delicate flavors, it is very important that the different tools you will use do not contain previously remaining vegetable / fruit and similar odors.

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Chado Bamboo Whisk (Chasen)

330.45373.57 (-12%)

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