Arifo?lu Sumac Sauce 250 ml.

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Sumac Sauce is considered a principal ingredient in many cuisines around the world. ??Such kind of sauces, generally are aromatic flavoring from seeds, fruits, and other plant parts. ?? ?? Used in to season and preserve food, and as perfumes and medicines. ??????. Spices could be used to make your meal more attractive in color and tastier ?? ??


We bring in the highest quality pure spices and herbs from all over Turkey. ????


Stating that spices have many health benefits. Although the varieties vary according to the cultures, Besides the flavor that they add to our meals, spices also have great benefits for health. ????????

There can be hundreds of different spices and spice blends available in many stores. Spices are used by professional chefs and many home cooks–in fact, usage has only continued to grow. ??

????Plus, keep in mind that many spices offer additional benefits too. As Doctors confirmed that ?Spices are the friend of physicians and pride of cooks.?

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Arifo?lu Sumac Sauce 250 ml.

$14.90$29.99 (-50%)

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