Arifo?lu Pomegranate Seed Oil

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Pomegranate is a delicious fruit that contains vitamins B1, B2 and C as well as Potassium and Iron from the Kinagiller family. Contains Potassium, Iron, Zinc and Calcium. It can be applied to the skin by dropping a few drops on a cotton ball. ????

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It is a temperate climate fruit. It is a fruit that blooms with red, rarely white flowers in June and July and has hairy leaves on the edges. In addition, pomegranate is a perennial, 2-5 meters high, bush-shaped tree with a strong root system. ????

Pomegranate fruit with a red rind is round, spherical, with a hard shell, 5-8 cm in diameter. It is possible toGrow pomegranate in many soil and climate types. Although usuallyGrown in warm regions, it can adapt to many regions. ????

Pomegranate cultivation in our country is mostly carried out in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. ItGrows abundantly throughout Asia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean region. ????

METHOD OF OBTAINING: It is obtained by cold pressing method from pomegranate seeds.

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Arifo?lu Pomegranate Seed Oil

103.29215.19 (-20%)

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