Arifo?lu Isot 150 gr.

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Isot are considered a principal ingredient in many cuisines around the world. ??Such kind of spices, generally are aromatic flavoring from seeds, fruits, and other plant parts. ?? ??. Spices could be used to make your meal more attractive in color and tastier ?? ??

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Usage Areas: Isot can be used in salads snd cookings .????

Products in Arifo?lu Spice production factory; It is put on the market after screening, sorting, sterilization and packaging processes. ????

Every Medicinal Plant you buy from Arifo?lu is Grown in the best quality lands and cleanest geographies of our country and the world, and special active ingredient analyzes are performed for each plant collected, and products with low active ingredients and poor quality are removed thanks to these analyzes. ????

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Arifo?lu Isot 150 gr.

96.18113.67 (-15%)

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