Arifoğlu Cinnamon Oil 20 ml.

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Cinnamon Oil is obtained from cinnamon shells by steam distillation. Contains Cinnamon Oil, tannins and 1-2% essential oil.Cinnamon oil, with its pleasant scent, is often preferred in hair and skin care.🌼🌼

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Mainly the dried bark of the tree is used. There is a cork layer on the outer part of the shells and isGrayish in color. Cinnamon spice is obtained by drying andGrinding the inner bark of the tree, after removing the outer part of the trunk and branch bark.💐💐

In addition, cinnamon sticks are obtained by placing the shells together and curling like a roll. Its fragrance is strong, precise and long-lasting, and tastes sweet and burning. It carries tannin and essential oil. It is used as a spice.💐

Its fruits are also spicy, delicious and scented cinnamon, it is used instead of cinnamon. It is added to desserts, especially milk desserts, as a condiment. It is widely used in coffee, chocolate and fruit sauces and beverages.

⚠️WARNINGS: Store at room temperature in a covered place, away from light. TETT and batch number are on the packaging.

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