Ali Unyazici Rose Oil

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Rose oil is used for many purposes. Rose oil, which has numerous benefits in skin care, is used for bath water in terms of hair; As a natural medicine, it takes its place as an important part of daily life as an aid to the relief of intestinal syndromes such as constipation, from the treatment of respiratory ailments. ­čž┤­čž┤”

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Those who make up during the day use a few drops of rose oil to remove makeup. The rose oil used for this purpose not only cleans up the makeup, but also removes dirt and oil from the skin.In hot climates, the use of rose oil is recommended by specialists for people who have problems with skin spots in cities with high temperatures. With the use of rose oil, the appearance of the spots on the skin becomes lighter and the spots disappear over time.Rose oil is also used to heal minor wounds on the skin. Thanks to the vitamins it contains, rose oil, which speeds up cell repair, also improves eczema and wound effects on the skin. One of the vegetable oils recommended for people who have dry skin is rose oil. Because rose oil maintains the moisture balance. It eliminates the drying that occurs in the heels and elbows.

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Ali Unyazici Rose Oil

122.78148.32 (-17%)

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