حلوى طحينية بالزبدة 280 جرام | Sepetcioglu

حلوى طحينية بالزبدة 280 جرام | Sepetcioglu

السعر العادي $11.00 USD
السعر العادي $13.65 USD السعر المخفض $11.00 USD
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Butter Flavored Pulled Halva, a taste melts in your mouth

SepetCioGlu Butter Pulled Halva 280 gr. : The sweet heritage of Kastamonu , which has survived from the Ottoman period , to the present day . WE use Natural beet sugar instead of glucose in the production of pulled halva . The famous Kastamonu halva , also known as ” sweet heritage” , obtained with traditional methods, does not contain any preservatives or additives. Sweet heritage, while dispersing in the mouth, gives a mystical breeze with its varieties with different aromas.

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